October 17, 2011

It’s Pumpkin Week at Bungalux

Pumpkins ... in Every Price Range


We at Bungalux love Halloween.

Sure, one day when we have kids we may learn to hate it – we have a strong feeling our future kids’ costumes will be collaborative efforts between mom, Rachel Zoe, and Tom Ford – but for now Halloween’s a stress-free chance to eat candy we haven’t seen since we were little (Milky Way, anyone?) and watch an old horror flick on AMC while drinking spiked cider. And, of course, we love anything that involves masks, costumes, and dress-up.

And what else comes with Halloween?

The pumpkin.

No house should be without one or two or twenty this holiday, which is why we’ve decided to devote the whole week to everything pumpkin.

And we’re going to start by giving you a few different options to pumpkin-up:

1. DIY: This is the version we remember as kids, the version that seemed good enough before you started and sold your first four startups and your last went public on the NASDAQ. We personally like this version. Pumpkin-carving is fun. Really. It’s a super sexy date, it’s fun to do with your kids, and even if the results are a bit imperfect, you’ll be really proud when you pluck your candle in and light it up for the first time. Look below at our Ten MUST reads for anyone carving pumpkins this year. We actually spent a ton of time pulling this together and researching. So, really, read it. It’s super helpful, unlike what we generally write about.

2. Pumpkin Carving Class: Are you single? Is your mom always telling you to “join clubs?” If so, pumpkin carving class may be for you. Unlike church/synagogue group or a volleyball group (your mom gave birth to you, doesn’t she realize you’re 5’2”?), pumpkin carving class is a one night excuse to do something social. Even if you don’t meet a real life “pumpkin” you’ll leave with one for your patio.

3. Luxury Pumpkins: Not convinced yet? Lazy? Hate orange squishy stuff? Celebrity pumpkin-carver Ray Villafane - known for winning the Food Network Pumpkin Carving Contest time and time again – offers his custom pumpkins for $400, so for those of you with disposable income – and yes, we meant that pun, because how long do pumpkins stick around anyways? – you can take the lazy approach. We promise you’ll have the most spectacular front porch in all of Beverly Hills.

So now take a look at our pumpkin carving techniques below.


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