June 3, 2011

Play Ping Pong, Enjoy a Clambake, and Launch Your Startup... All in One Place

James Perse Limited Edition Ping Pong Table


Ping Pong is one of our fave summertime activities. It’s a sport, but it doesn’t involve sweating. You can drink while playing, but it’s just as fun while sipping morning coffee.

The playing field is level - literally and figuratively. We’ve been known to beat our guy friends and, when they’re having an exceptionally good day, they’ve been known to beat us.

The problem: Ping Pong tables were ugly, so we never owned one.

Until now.

We stumbled across James Perse’s Limited Edition Ping Pong Table in their store window while strolling in Beverly Hills yesterday and it literally stopped us in our tracks. Why? Most ping pong tables have a thin board which balances precariously on wobbly legs, but the handcrafted Perse ping pong table resembles more of a streamlined, beautiful billiard table. The matte black top sits on an environmentally farmed teak base and the net is made of leather - not some weird plastic material - so there’s no danger of the whole thing falling down under the weight of the two ounce ball. And, since we all know that teak is naturally weather-resistant, the table can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The best part? You can remove the net and cover the table with the optional teak table top, so post-sport you can use it as a dining or a conference table.

But think of the possibilities. You invite the guy who financed Zynga over for a quick game. You have a few glasses of champagne and dinner after. Then he takes a quick look at your brilliant business plan and...

Voila. It’s already paid for itself.



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