August 30, 2012

Alex's Style Pick: Floors That Pop

12 Great Examples of Patterned Flooring


One of my favorite trends for fall is prints and patterns. They've been on the runway and in the home ... in the form of chevrons, stripes, flowers, butterflies, diamonds, and everything in between.

I admittedly have a hard time wearing this trend. (Why does it look good on Jessica Alba, but not on me? That was a rhetorical question, by the way.) But patterns in the home are one of my favorite styles and they're here to stay.

A really great way to incorporate patterns into your home decor is on the floor. It's a trend that can be expensive or inexpensive: You can intricately tile (pricey) or paint stripes on your floor over a long weekend (DIY). You pick.

I had such a good time plucking out twelve really amazing ways to incorporate this trend into your home. Take a look at the fun photos above. From striped living rooms to tiled foyers to one of the coolest gardening rooms around ... enjoy!


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