February 7, 2013

The Coolest VDay Event

Palm Springs Modernism Week


Multiple choice:

Where are you going to spend Valentine's Day?

A. At home, eating Pinkberry and Netflixing Downtown Abbey reruns.
B. At Il Mulino in Aspen with that VC guy you met at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole a few weeks ago.
C. At Palm Springs Modernism Week. After all, you just bought a Neutra that needs a facelift.

If you answered "A" to this question, well, never mind. If you answered "B", just don't tell us about it. (And certainly don't post about it on Facebook, because that drives us crazy.)

If you answered "C" ... well, you're doing exactly what we want to be doing. It's that time of year again ... Palm Springs Modernism Week. We certainly don't need an excuse to go to one of our favorite sexy spots on the planet, but if we did here would be our excuse.

For those of you who have never been, you're in for a gigantic treat. Frolic between Frey's masterpiece, walking tours of celebrity estates, and Frank Sinatra's pad. (Warning: Many of the tours are sold out already. Stub Hub, anyone?) And then, after you're fully inspired, shop, shop, shop. And then shop some more. Some of the best in the world have curated their favorite pieces for your perusal and purchase, which makes Neutra shopping so much easier.

And, if you have a second after all that, lounge at the Viceroy or Parker pool and sip a drink at the Ace with today's tastemakers as you reflect on yesterday's tastemakers.

So, did someone say Valentine's Day? Not us.

PALM SPRINGS MODERNISM WEEK takes place from February 14th-24th.


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