June 5, 2012

Guest Editor: Shiva Rose

Organic Serenity

Guest Editor
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Of course, television, theater, and film actress Shiva Rose is regarded as a fashion and style icon. (No offense, if Shiva shows up to the party, there’s very little chance you’ll get the “Best Dressed” award.) More to point though, the mother of two has recently launched a really wonderful site called The Local Rose, which has an emphasis on an eco-holistic lifestyle and on local artisans. I love Shiva’s article because she proves we don’t have to sacrifice luxury to have fantastic style in the home.

Here’s Shiva on how NOT to sacrifice luxury for organic living:

A year and half ago I downsized my life so that I could be closer to nature, lesson my carbon foot print, and bring more of a peaceful, tranquil life to my daughters. We now live in a house with a wonderful garden where we grow our own produce and raise our own chickens. Here are a few items that I love that are green, useful and even glamorous. Many of these items can be seen on my eco-holistic website THE LOCAL ROSE.

1) HOUSE SPRAYS made to clear energy or just make a room smell divine. They’re made of all natural botanicals and colloidal silver to clear bacteria.

2) For wonderful linens, towels, and handmade products that are safe for the environment and made from women who are paid well, CREATIVE WOMEN is a great resource.

3) For help with an EDIBLE GARDEN Laurie Kranz is a wonderful resource and can even come help you start you off. She also has access to great gardening tools.

4) HEATH CERAMICS for dishware and also for my latest obsession linens by Commune.

5) I love a good flea market for vintage treasures and this is a sure way to be green and recycling. The LONG BEACH FLEA has great deals.

6) ROSEARK for the most exquisite saffron rose candles that are Paraben-free.

Photo of Shiva Credit: Jeana Sohn

Shiva's Great Site


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