August 2, 2012

Inside the House: Michael Phelps' Loft

Not Everything Turns to Gold

Real Estate

Spoiler Alert: If you've TiVoed the entire Olympic games and haven't been on a single news site and haven't seen any of your friends for the past five days and therefore don't know how Michael Phelps has fared in London, stop reading now. In fact, get off the internet altogether.

For the rest of you, at this point we're pretty sure that, though we love him, not everything Michael Phelps touches turns to gold. And same goes for his real estate.

According to our favorite gossip site TMZ, Michael has sold his 4,000 square foot Baltimore townhouse for a rumored $1.25 million, much less than the $1.699 million he bought it for in 2007. The three bedroom modern loft-like condo is in the Fells Point area of Baltimore's waterfront neighborhood. We think it's pretty sleek, and kind of Bungaluxy.

Why's Michael leaving? Well, word-on-the-street (or in-the-pool, as the case may be here) is that Michael's looking for a bigger place in the 'burbs. With that body, we don't think he's going to have a problem finding a wife to join him in his suburban retirement.


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