August 17, 2011

Night Swimming

Tips for the Perfect Post-Dusk Pool Party

Guest Editor

Night swimming’s one of our favorite activities in August. So when we casually mentioned to our friend Julie Pryor we were thinking of having a little post-dusk pool party she chimed in. After all, Julie’s the doyenne of SoCal party planning (she’s responsible for Marcia Cross’s wedding gala, as well as a million other drool-worthy parties, corporate events, and weddings), and somehow she always remembers what we forget. (Did anyone notice we didn’t have napkins or limes at our spring party? Probably not.)

So, here are Julie’s eight tips for a post-dusk pool soiree. We’re going to add a little commentary here-and-there as well, just to Bungalize it a little bit. Julie won’t mind.

1. Send your neighbors a note to let them know you’re entertaining and invite them over for a drink. (Who knows? They may be hot or, at very least, won’t call the police.)

2. If you have a neighbor who’s complained in the past you may think of sending him to a hotel for the evening. (Any neighbor who complains about the occasional party has no social life. Send him to the W so he can get one.)

3. Alert the caterer to any known allergies your guests may have. (Why does it seem that all guys we’re into these days are allergic to girls over the age of 24?)

4. Make sure to have veggie and gluten-free options available. (Midwestern readers, don’t worry about looking up “gluten-free.” Doesn’t apply to you.)

5. View your home’s curb appeal a week before your party. If your door needs repainting or your garden is looking drab make sure to make changes at least a few days before the party. (Why garden? Upgrade! That’s what seven day escrows are for.)

6. Hire a lifeguard for the pool if you are inviting children (or drunken adults).

7. Stock bathrooms with extra hand towels, liquid soap, toilet paper, and vases of fragrant flowers. (We forgot three of the four at our spring party. We did leave other things there though. Do those count?)

8. Use heaters, particularly if you’re in LA where it seems to dip into the 50s every night.(Trust us, girls in wet bathing suits will thank you.)

We’ve given you tons of tips for the perfect pool all summer, so use them! Have a sexy pool party with Ivy Gimlets, Hermes beach towels, Richard Schultz furniture, tortoise drinkware, antique concrete animals, and outdoor lighting... and invite us over. We’ll bring expensive champagne and we promise we rock it in bikinis.


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