November 7, 2011

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just You?

Nest Thermostats


If you’re anything like us, you hate waiting. And so you don’t. You’re whisked past velvet ropes at clubs. You fly out of Teterboro to avoid airport security lines. You wanted to be introduced to the newly-single Olivia Wilde … and it happened the next day through your mutual agent.

We get it. But there are still some things in life worth waiting for.

“Like what?” you ask.

The answer: The Nest Thermostat.

In the age of self-parking cars and Siri, why couldn’t someone get the thermostat right? Those eyesore contraptions are impossible to use – we’re thinking of ours where you can’t tell if that little red line is at seventy or ninety – and they blow inconsistent air. Again, to use personal experience, we woke up this morning in sixty degrees and two hours later ended up at eighty-eight and calling our facialist for an emergency moisture treatment.

The good news is someone finally heard our complaints and came up with the perfect solution. The Nest Thermostat was created by the guy who brought us that other little perfect invention called the iPod. The two devices are aesthetically similar – why mess with a good thing? – and the thermostat has such features as a light-up screen (rising = red, cooling = blue) and motion sensors that sense when you’re not around, thus conserving energy. And, equally as cool, Nest gets to know you over time and automatically adjusts to your tastes, so no constant thermometer battling.

The bad news? The Nest Thermostat is already sold out through early 2012, so you’ll need to get on the waiting list for this $249 piece of wall art.

Or, knowing you, you'll find some way around the wait. Let us know how.



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