October 28, 2012

Tobe Reed Talks "Awesome" Natural Materials

Materials for the Home

Guest Editor

I love today’s story on a number of different levels.

As with every story, it all starts with the guest editor. And today we have one of my favorite bloggers, Tobe Reed, from the great site BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

Be it design, typography, fashion or interiors, Tobe has fancied the arts from a young age. This led to a career in the field of graphic arts, and a passion for all things design-related. After countless years as a reader, Tobe began writing her own blog, appropriately titled Because It’s Awesome, which chronicles her many influences and admirations, and even a bit of her own work and home decor choices. Her BLOG is one of my daily reads, and I know when you click over it will be one of yours as well.

Today Tobe's writing about natural materials in the home. Technology and manmade beauty are everywhere, but there's something still so beautiful about materials indigenous to our environment. Tobe has chosen fantastic photos to show us how to incorporate good old-fashioned nature into our lives. TAKE A LOOK AT THE LIST and be inspired!

Check Out Tobe's Site ...

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