June 2, 2012

Alex’s Style Pick: Yellow

Nail Polish and Then...

Ali Pincus's Kitchen Bunny Williams Does Yellow A Yellow Living Room by Stephen Sills Citrus Trees Kate Moss's Vintage Yellow Jaime King Chic in Yellow Miranda Kerr and Baby Caroline at the French Open Yellow's "In Vogue" The Inspiration for the Article Ali Pincus's Kitchen

There’s always a first. In this case there are a couple of firsts.

First of all, I’m introducing my Style Pick column. Although a lot of you want real estate news, some of you also want the latest in fashion and home décor so I thought this was a fun way to incorporate everyday style into Bungalux.

My second first is this: My style this week is influenced by my nail polish.

I stumbled upon Butter’s Cheeky Chops yellow when I was at the hair salon and my fashionable, good-looking hairdresser (incidentally, a guy) was wearing it. I slapped it on my own fingers and toes and have had showstopper nails since. And, incidentally, am bombarded with compliments.

It all started with nail polish, but I began to see yellow in everything. I was recently in Scottsdale on vacation and fell madly in love with the citrus trees with the painted trunks. (According to my cousin, delicate trunks are painted white so they don’t burn in the hot desert summers.) In addition, I have always liked rooms with a touch of yellow. While I like light walls in décor, “light” doesn’t always have to meet “white.” In fact, a really pale yellow is neither feminine nor masculine and makes the rest of your furniture pop. Or, in the case of the Bunny Williams room pictured above, yellow can also be used as a “wow” statement. And, of course, those of you who know me know I’m in love with Ali Pincus’s kitchen with the yellow backsplash tile. Unlike some of Kelly Wearstler’s looks, which are impossible to duplicate at home (or at least I can’t), Ali’s kitchen is an achievable look.

It’s a colorful year for fashion too. Jaime King rocked a yellow skirt, as did new mom Miranda Kerr. And my dream fashion photo has always been that famous shot of Kate Moss with tousled hair in the vintage off-the-shoulder yellow dress. It was rumored she got the dress for $5, proving that yellow need not always be expensive to be fabulous.

For more inspiring photos of yellow in home, fashion, and nature, take a look at our YELLOW-INSPIRED PINTEREST BOARD … and then start repinning!

Home Photos Courtesy of Elle Decor.


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