April 15, 2012

How Could I Possibly Go to Work After a Night Like That?

Miele Coffee System

Food Drink

It finally happened last night.

What was “it”? Substitute your biggest dream here. Maybe your screenplay sold or you moved into that tiny Bungalux at the Infinity in San Francisco and you couldn’t stop looking at the view. Perhaps you closed that big business deal you’ve been working on for months or maybe you realized that at thirty-two years old you’re comfortable being alone. Perhaps you looked in the mirror and finally liked that girl that stared back at you. Maybe you kissed, maybe she looked at you across the bar, maybe his hand swept your arm accidentally, maybe her head’s on your heart right now and you’re caressing her hair.

Whatever it was you’re skipping work for it.

Hungover from happiness, you walk to your kitchen and crave the perfect cup of Joe. So many coffee machines promise it, yet we know from personal experience here at Bungalux that Miele’s the only one that really delivers it. The stainless Miele coffee system looks sleek and beautiful in your wall, but all that pales in comparison to the perfect (did we say perfect? Because we really mean perfect) cup of coffee it brews. We had the Miele CVA 4066 plumbed in model (meaning we didn’t have to pour water in every day). Regular coffee ends up tasting deliciously creamy, and it makes a cappuccino and latte worthy of Italian cafes. The model retails for around $3000. Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but imagine all the money you’ll save at Starbucks and it will be worth it.

Oh, and speaking of “it.” If last night wasn’t it for you, keep dreaming of it. Because that’s the only way it, whatever it is, will come true.


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