March 15, 2012

Inside the House: We’re “Mad” About It

Matthew Weiner’s Good Taste in Real Estate

Real Estate
Matthew Weiner and Wife Linda Brettler Matthew Weiner's Old House Matthew Weiner's Old House Matthew Weiner's Old House Matthew Weiner's Old House Matthew Weiner and Wife Linda Brettler

Things to do in this lifetime:

1. Be a writer / producer on the best show on HBO ever.
2. Create the best show on AMC ever.
3. Use the money from #1 and #2 to buy one of our favorite houses in Los Angeles (ever).

We’re tired just thinking of that “To Do” list, but for Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men, it’s just another day at the office.

It recently came to our attention through the real estate blogs that Matthew and his wife, an architect, recently sold their Los Angeles house because they had already upgraded to one of the most stunning estates in Los Angeles. (Matthew recently renegotiated his contract with AMC and Lions Gate for Mad Men and now earns an estimated $10 million a year.)

Interestingly, in a case of life mimicking art, Matthew Weiner's taste in houses runs on the "cool vintage" side. We published photos of both of his houses above. Matthew's newer purchase, the Blair Mansion, is near the heart of Hollywood and, it's rumored (but this is really a rumor) that Joan Crawford once lived there. The sprawling estate sits on over an acre and is one of the most extraordinary old Hollywood mansions. The Weiners paid around $4.8 million for the house.

We also included photos of the house the couple just sold in the Fairfax district. What's so special about this one? That tile work, that tile work, that tile work. Check out that original kitchen and that bathroom. We're still suckers for original 1920's and 1930's Los Angeles Spanish mansions.

Now, where is that martini and Don Draper when you need them?


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