January 26, 2012

Bungaluxes in the Sky: Cool High Rises

Los Angeles: Ode to Sierra Towers

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The "Done" Unit: $3,495,000 The "Done" Unit: $3,495,000 The "Done" Unit: $3,495,000 The "Done" Unit: $3,495,000 The Penthouse: $9,500,000 The Fixer: $1,995,000 The Fixer: $1,995,000 The Fixer: $1,995,000 The Fixer: $1,995,000 The "Done" Unit: $3,495,000

All that talk about heiresses buying property in cool high rises got us thinking.

As real estate experts, we're going to start doing a monthly (or so, you know us) column on great residential developments. After all, not everyone wants to live in a house, and not all buildings are created equal.

So, we're starting with Los Angeles and one of its chicest buildings.

Here's our Ode to Sierra Towers:

Oh, Sierra Towers, you know it was us who discovered you first.

Ten years ago we used to stalk you, camp out in your lobby, and watch you from across your tree-lined street. Most people who lived in you then were in their eighties, and our friends thought we were crazy. They bought condos in younger, “hipper” buildings, but we had eyes for you and only you. While our friends moved into cheesy new construction, we fell asleep dreaming of you. We never cheated.

And then everyone else began to see in you what we did. Prices of your condos skyrocketed higher than your thirty-second floor. Hollywood purveyors of cool have lived in you (Lindsay Lohan, Matthew Perry, Vincent Gallo, Cher, Elton John, and David Geffen ... to name of few) and paparazzi have hovered outside your doorstep. It seemed as if every one of your condos was gutted, torn apart, and redone. We still watched, from afar, hoping someday we’d be able to live in you.

Years later, we’re here to tell you we’re still madly infatuated with you, Sierra Towers. We love your perfect LA location more than ever; after all, now you’re a stumble home from Soho House. We’re still obsessing over all your glass, over that strange mishmash of old Beverly Hills and young Hollywood who live in you. We’ve tired of almost every boyfriend we’ve ever had, but we promise we’ll never be sick of your views. When we’re sitting on your balconies staring from Hollywood to the ocean we believe that Los Angeles is conquerable, that someday it will be ours.

Oh, Sierra Towers, your prices now range from almost two million to ten and, alas, despite those years of stalking your every move and every sale, we fear that you will always be that date we can’t afford. But for our Bungalux fans who can, we recommend they contact us at realestate@bungalux.com.

Because if we can’t be inside you, we hope someone else fabulous can.


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