September 16, 2012

The Rebound Pad

Kristen Stewart Buys in Malibu

Real Estate

The best way for a celebrity to rebound from a failed relationship? Buy paparazzi-proof real estate.

Well, maybe that's only one of the ways, but in the case of Kristen Stewart the blogosphere has been abuzz that she purchased a 5,800 square foot five-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath Latigo Beach contemporary for $4.8 million. Kristen bought the house in her mother Jules's name which has everyone guessing. Is Kristen going to live there? Or was it truly a purchase for her mom, who is divorcing Kristen's father? Is Kristen going to spend time in Malibu temporarily while trying to get back on Team Robert? None of this is for sure, but what is as follows: We hadn't chosen this one has one of our Bungaluxes, but you can take a look at the photos above and let us know if you think we should have.

Incidentally, as for ex-Stewart flame Robert Pattinson (the one most of us feel sorry for), as we first reported here it's said that he is aggressively marketing his Los Feliz house off-market. In a recent interview, he called himself "homeless." Oh no. Don't do it, Robert. Once bitten, twice shy - for humans and vampires alike.


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