September 21, 2011

You're Fired Up!

Kindle Living Heaters


As we at Bungalux are fond of saying, here's the scenario:

Despite no declared revenue, no potential revenue stream, no patents, no prototype, and no business plan, your company just got funded at a billion dollar valuation by a well-known Menlo Park venture capital firm.

In honor of your as-of-yet-unnamed company, you've decided to throw a party in the garden of your buddy's Pac Heights mansion (his company was funded by the same VC a few weeks ago). Thomas Keller's guys are catering, Cristal's the drink of choice, and it's rumored one or both of the Google guys are thinking of showing up.

The problem: The weather forecast calls for 48 degrees and the soupiest fog of the year.

Don't fret. Here's your one-stop solution: Kindle Living.

We happen to think Kindle Living has the chicest, hottest heaters around. We first spotted them at Lavo, then at Tao, then at the W Hollywood. Our interest was piqued, so we tracked down Kindle's manufacturer and were thrilled to find out they just introduced a littler version of their heat lamp for residential spaces.

Our favorite is the Caroline – good for big mansions and massive outdoor spaces – but the more practical for most of you will probably be the Bella Petite. Kindle Direct pricing ranges from $1,885 for a Bella Petit to $2,568 for a Caroline. Believe us, they're worth every penny. Bungalux readers can order the Kindle heaters by calling 310-400-3024. Ask for Daniel and Myles. They like us, so you'll be well taken care of.

And, speaking of "taken care of," now that we've taken care of the party problem, you can start working on that billion dollar idea.



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