February 14, 2013

Hollywood Royalty

I've Already Had My Close-Up

Real Estate

We love sharing long lost secrets around these parts, so we'll let you in on one. There's a little pocket of Hollywood that we've long adored. (In fact, one or two of us used to live there.)

For those of you out there who hike Runyon Canyon, you've probably seen the area we're talking about; That great pocket north of Hollywood Boulevard and east of Fairfax where old, glamorous mansions coexist with incredibly charming little craftsman houses.

Last year we profiled the area's Samuel Goldwyn estate, and we'll now mention that Orson Welles and Al Jolson also called that area home. Today's spotlight listing is yet another piece of Hollywood history on Camino Palmero: The Ozzie & Harriet estate.

Ah, we happen to think this one's beautiful. The 5,300 square foot, five bedroom, five bath house was built in 1916 and designed by famous LA architects Kegley & Gerity. The property sits on a gorgeous half an acre and features a pool, a wood-paneled screening room, a gym, and three fireplaces. It just went on the market for $4.2 million.

For those trivia buffs out there, we've wrangled up two cool tidbits: The house was actually the Nelson family's real life house. When the Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet transitioned from radio to television, the house was so "perfect" for the show, they decided to use it rather than create a set.

Never seen Ozzie & Harriet but thinking the house looks familiar? If so, you probably remember it as Ari Gold's house in Entourage. (We had always made the sweeping assumption that house was in Brentwood ... because don't all agents seem to live in Brentwood?)

So for those of you looking for a great traditional steeped in history, look no further. Now if only our dermatologist could figure out how to age us as well as the houses we feature, we'd be all good.

Listing courtesy of Verna Helbling at Prudential Realty.


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