June 10, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

Quite Possibly the Most Expensive Pool Towel in the World


If you’re anything like us, you think the pool is one of the sexiest parts of any house - maybe the sexiest.

It brings with it bikinis, cold stiff drinks, suntans (so bad for your skin, but that’s what dermatologists are for), sun-streaked blond hair, and ...the Towel.

"What’s sexy about the pool towel?" you may be asking yourself. Generally, nothing. They’re usually $5.95 at your local drugstore and are replaced annually.

But, they’re not the Hermes animal towels.

We’ve been wanting them for years - we’ve even gone into the Hermes store on Rodeo Drive and pet them like they were real cheetahs, zebras, and elephants. As could - well, should - be expected, the vividly colored pieces of art are sensuous to the touch and so gorgeous you can’t stop looking at them.

We strongly suggest you go to your nearest Hermes boutique and take a personal look, but a limited selection is also available at online. As for price, if you have to ask, they cost around $500 a towel.

We’ll recommend another, less expensive alternative in a separate Bungalust, but until then, if that tech company you invested in goes public, your movie gets greenlit, or you’re a Wall Streeter who got a better than expected bonus last year, we strongly suggest you splurge.

Then invite that special someone over for skinny dipping and be ready to drop the cheetah and dive in.


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