December 13, 2011

Guest Editors: Sami Hayek & Daniela Villegas

The Importance of Being Inspired

Guest Editor
Sami and Daniela The Observatory Daniela's "Wings" Earrings Sami's Black Clay Side Table Led Zeppelin at the Chateau Marmont Sami's Bronze Stool A Ring from Daniela's Collection Huntington Gardens An Acrylic Chair Created by Sami The Fantastic Floral Art of Eric Buterbaugh Daniela's "Innocent" Earrings Sami and Daniela

Wow, we’ve been so spoiled by incredible guest editors.

Today I’m welcoming one of the coolest couples I know: Sami Hayek and Daniela Villegas.

I encourage guest editors to write about whatever they choose – home-related or not. Last week, Chad Eisner wrote about music as inspiration. This week, coincidentally (and perfectly), Sami and Daniela chose to write about Los Angeles experiences as inspiration.

Here's a bit about the fabulous Daniela and Sami for those of you who don't know them:

Daniela is a fine jewelry designer with a deep passion for art and nature; her goal is “to create pieces that radiate happiness.” Those of you who know me know I’m an insect and nature fanatic, so I’m particularly enamored with Daniela’s line. Daniela’s gorgeous jewelry is available through Roseark in LA and Ikram in Chicago.

Sami is a multidisciplinary designer who enjoys creating experiences with his objects and spaces rather than styles. His furniture is worthy of the most beautiful rooms in the world. His work is available in New York through Dennis Miller and on the Internet through Gilt Groupe.

We’re so honored to have Daniela and Sami show us around Los Angeles and discuss their inspiration for the amazing work they create.


We are all creators. We’re inspired to create wonderful moments, things and events. Every thought, every decision and every action shapes the reality that we live, who we are and who we are becoming.

Once you find inspiration – wherever it may be – you are bound to begin the fantastic process of furthering your ideas and expanding your limits in the much richer landscape of life. Most importantly, you’ll arrive at a place where you are passionate and enthusiastic about your creation. The alternative of ignoring your passions will most likely hide your true potential.

We are all designed to be curious and to explore the unknown, regardless of our current situation, resources or limitations. There is always room to make something out of almost nothing, to be invigorated by the opportunity to innovate and enjoy even the simplest task. Of course it is easier said than done, especially when much of our day goes into monotonous routine. That is why we do our best to engage stimulating people, places, food and mezcal as often as possible.

Here are some invigorating ideas on how to inspire yourself while in LA:

A great way to start your day is to stop at TRAILS CAFE in GRIFFITH PARK, have one of their amazing lavender cookies while you hike to the top of THE OBSERVATORY. The hike offers spectacular and comprehensive views of Los Angeles. The occasional encounter with a coyote or a rattlesnake always sparks a little extra sense of adventure in your day.

CHATEAU MARMONT. It might sound a bit like a cliché, but this Hollywood landmark does provide an environment that allows very talented people in different fields to interact with each other in a common and relaxed manner. It also helps that they allow us to bring our dog while we dine with friends.

THE BAZAAR BY JOSE ANDRES. Andres is a true culinary genius, creating dishes that can, in turn, inspire you. Experiencing his food is one sensorial explosion after another.

4 VIENTOS. This Mexican seafood restaurant in east LA indulges you with the flavors of the sea while giving you a running nose from the simple, yet punishing, delicious salsas. We believe its fish taco to be a proper contender with any other in the world.

When inspiration and enthusiasm is scarce, LACMA never fails. Michael Govan (LACMA Director) has done a spectacular job in making the museum keep up with the best there are.

ROSEARK has built a reputation for innovation in jewelry design and the retail experience. A total lifestyle showcasing fine jewelry, art, home furnishings, couture clothing, handbags and other one-of-a-kind luxuries. The best vibe, with the best people.

The peacefulness of the HUNTINGTON BOTANICAL GARDENS. A magical place to rest, observe, play and embrace yourself, you’re surrounded by lush nature and beauty everywhere.

The creativity of ERIC BUTERBAUGH is limitless. There’s nothing better than designing something while taking in the beauty of one of Eric's flower creations. They are elegant, chic and unique.

At any given moment, Ron Copper's mezcal DEL MAGUEY. "Para todo mal mezcal, para todo bien tan bien." "As a remedy for everything bad mezcal and to celebrate all good as well."


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