July 1, 2011

Holly, Go Lightly

The Perfect Pack for Your July 4th Weekend


We don't care how fabulous your Bungalux is ... You better plan on getting away from it for July 4th weekend.

The worst part of any vacation is the pack. Most of us fall into one of two extremes: A. We pack seven Vuitton trunks to go to a staycation two miles away at the beach. B. We bring one carry-on duffle to a two week ski vacation to St. Moritz.

We were just at Soho House, where celeb stylist Keylee Sanders demystified the packing process. Wherever your hot destination for the weekend, here are Keylee's suggestions:

1. Put products in Ziploc bags. That Zegna shirt is going to lose its battle with green shaving gel. Promise.

2. If you're anything like us, our moms told us never to take jewelry on vacation, because something terrible may happen to it there. Keylee disagrees. Jewelry is meant to be worn. The more expensive the jewelry, the more we should wear it.

3. Don't skimp on accessories. Bring jewels, scarves, and handbags.

4. Leave your everyday purse at home. We know you're used to carrying fourteen pounds of lipstick, change, and receipts. Your shoulder deserves a vacation too, and you can live for a few days without that Club Monaco receipt from 1999.

5. Keep men's dress shirts and women's dresses in the dry cleaning bags and on hangers. Fold them in threes and place them at the top of the suitcase. When you arrive at your destination pull them out immediately and hang in the closet.

6. Girls, bring one great maxi dress. Bond Girls probably didn't think they would have anything dressy to go to on vacation either. But then they met James.

7. Our own advice: If your destination has great shopping, deliberately forget something so it will give you an excuse to go out and buy it. A Tom Ford souvenir is much better than a lousy T-shirt, right?

Bon voyage, Bungalux fans. Oh, and drop us an email when you get back to let us know where you went and what fabulous Bungalux items you found there. We're always looking for cool things to write about.


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