May 16, 2011

Good with Your Hands? Try This at Home

Water Buffalo Horn Corkscrew

Food Drink

There are few things sexier than opening a bottle of wine.

It always feels like a prelude to something better - a great dinner with friends, a quiet night of watching American Idol, or the better half of an evening with a date.

So, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. You know those "easy" corkscrew contraptions? They’re mood-killers created for people who don’t open wine enough to know how to do it.

We at Bungalux think that opening wine is something that should be done the old-fashioned way, with the simple and sleek corkscrew that’s been used for as long as wine’s been around. Besides, if you can successfully open wine with one of those, well, let’s just say your date will know off the bat you’re really good with your hands.

Our favorite old-fashioned corkscrew comes by way of Carolyne Roehm’s Fin de Serie Collection. Neither too masculine nor too feminine, Carolyne’s Horn Handle Corkscrew is a beautifully buffed and polished water buffalo horn. And the best part: Your one-of-a-kind corkscrew is only $15.

Oh, and as for those clunky "easy-to-use" corkscrews? Maybe they’re fine for your neighbor’s son’s twenty-first birthday party, but they’re not so great in a grown-up’s kitchen. So our advice is to get rid of them. Now.



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