July 20, 2011

The Girl Poolcide

DJ Homicide's Poolcide and What to Wear with It


We were in Palm Springs a few weekends ago, hanging with our friends.

And we met "The Girl."

You know her all too well: She's the one who complains that her legs are too long compared to her torso, she doesn't own a brush but her hair looks like it's full of saltwater and sun at all times. We're wearing Louboutin sandals to the pool, she's wearing flip-flops she picked up at CVS... and her shoes look better than ours. She forgets to bring her toiletries for the weekend but is prettier than the rest of us who are collectively wearing the whole NARS line.

And then she pulls out: The Playlist.

Girls like this aren't supposed to know about music, but this one did. We begged her to let us in on her secret, and she eventually divulged that it was her friend DJ Homicide's new mix Poolcide (another brownie point, incidentally, that The Girl was actually friends with Homicide... who's spun at pretty much every cool club in the world over the past few years).

So, we're going to share her music with you. You can download Poolcide for free. We promise whether poolcide in the Hamptons, Malibu, Palm Springs, Miami, or Capri you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and one more thing. The Girl looked great poolcide, so we'll pass along another fashion tip. She wore generic string bikinis in plain colors under insanely hot tunics and sarongs... made by swimsuit line Have Faith. The brightly colored tunics are a must for going from day to night; we love their fabric and shell detail. As for the cool sarongs, they cover very little which is what we love about them.

Because, after all, everyone should show some skin poolcide... even if we’re not exactly The Girl.


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