May 27, 2011

Get Outta Town

Summer Bungalux Rentals and Travel


It seemed like a good idea at the time. After the steady series of couch-surfers and that little termite problem at last summer’s beach rental you decided to stay in the city for summer holiday this year.

So while all your friends were arranging for Hamptons, Malibu, and lake house rentals you steadfastly said you were looking forward to smelly garbage, high humidity, empty restaurants, and no social life.
Fast forward to: Today.

Scenario One: School isn’t even out yet and the kids are already complaining they’re bored.

Scenario Two: Your boyfriend informed you that he’s off to Ibiza for July to "think about your relationship." (We thought the purpose of going to Ibiza was to meet hot girls and not think?)

Scenario Three: That girl you’ve been crushing on mysteriously disappeared to the Hamptons with a Goldman Sachs derivatives trader and said she’d call you in September.

Any of those scenarios sound familiar? If so, we have three words for you. Get outta here.
It’s not too late to squeeze your way into the perfect summer rental. Contact us at and we’ll arrange for a top real estate agent to help you find the destination of your dreams. Or, if you can’t get away for the whole summer because you’re the CEO of Twitter or the kids are training at the country club for the ATP tennis tour, we highly recommend you indulge yourself with a wonderful vacation. We love Sara Ryan Duffy at New Act Travel for such luxuries. She’s based in LA, but she helps jetsetters everywhere... whether their dream vacation is camping with zebras or hopping a G5 to St. Trop.

Oh, and by the way: If your boyfriend did, indeed, head off to Ibiza with the guys, we strongly recommend when he comes back you should let him know you had your own thinking to do.



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