May 13, 2011

Gardening at Night

Outdoor Lighting and Lanterns


We at Bungalux can’t wait for summer. It brings more daylight, less work, warm sexy nights, and the effortless transition from day to night.

In the Hamptons, our bikinis go under glittery tunics to take us from Georgica Beach to Nick & Toni’s. Jeweled sandals allow us to pop over to Café Habana directly from our friend’s Carbon Beach digs in Malibu. And last year, a guy friend of ours even went from the Manhattan Beach Six Man Tourney to a Hollywood club in flip-flops (Kids, we do not recommend you try that one at home ... he’s hot, so he got away with it. Kind of.).

It took a while, but the garden has finally followed our fashion lead. Now our yards don’t have to fall asleep while we’re still partying.

That’s because Pottery Barn has come out with a great line of outdoor lighting this summer. They created lanterns and round lights perfect for stringing along the bottom of your outdoor umbrellas; the globe string lights in mercury and string mini-Malta candle lanterns make any yard festive.

While we’re on the subject of string lights and lanterns, we’re loving Pottery Barn’s bird string lights for an outdoor tree (guys, not a good look for your garden though). And as far as lanterns go, we’ll make this simple: Pottery Barn’s Mercado Square Lantern and Porthole Metal Lantern are perfect for any beach house - though they’re traditional, you can use them in modern too.

So, imagine your yard with umbrella lights, flying lighted birds in the trees, and a few starfish and sand lanterns thrown here-and-there. We promise you’ll have the most magnificent night garden in your ‘hood.

Now all you have to do is have a party... and invite us.



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