November 16, 2011

Thermo ... Dynamic!

Dyson Hot


True Story: It was midnight, and we were playing around in the thermodynamics section of Quora when our best friend called.

A midnight call from our best friend can only mean one of two things: Boyfriend problems or house issues.

There’s no cheating or lying boyfriend at the moment, so it had to be a house problem. Sure enough, BFF’s heat had gone out and it had plummeted to 52 degrees in the Hills. She was heading to a very late check-in at the Beverly Hills Hotel and was calling to convince us to join her for room service tequila (never takes much convincing).

The next morning we started doing our own “thermodynamic” research – the kind for design-lovers and non-Physics majors – and found the absolute perfect space heater:

The Dyson Hot fan heater.

Perfect for your garages (after all, your 1972 Ferrari Dino prefers sixty-eight degrees) and late night emergencies, the sleekly designed Dyson Hot is one of those Bungalux products that we love: It’s best-of-breed in both design and functionality. The Dyson Hot looks, well, hot, and delivers on its promises. We sent it as a gift to our chilly BFF (whose heat is still not fixed) and it heated her entire media room to her desired temperature just in time for the Packers' Monday Night Football rout of the Vikings.

Beautiful heat doesn’t come at Wal-Mart prices of course, but for $399 we think it’s worth it. What’s one extra decimal point, right?

And note to BFF: We haven’t found a way to duplicate room service tequila yet, but we’re working on it.



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