July 21, 2012

Guest Editor Gabrielle Savoie

Dream Home

Guest Editor

I love Dream Home Wish List, the subject of today’s article by Gabrielle Savoie, the voice behind SAVVY HOME.

I have long been a fan of Gabrielle’s, as I feel as if we have very similar taste and her blog is one of the most beautiful on the web. Gabrielle describes her style as “timeless elegance with a dash of humor,” which is exactly what we aspire to be at Bungalux. When I approached her to do the piece and she suggested she write an article on a Dream Home Wish List, I thought it was really interesting. After all, we all have our own idea of our dream home. One person’s tennis court may be another one’s swimming pool; one person’s feminine wallpaper may be another’s neutral living room.

I adore Gabrielle’s Dream Home Wish List and many of her dream home ideas would have made my list as well. In addition, as always, the Montreal-native plucked out the most beautiful, to-die-for photos. I can’t wait to hear your reactions to the piece. Do take a look at Gabrielle's site SAVVY HOME. I promise when you do it will turn into a daily read. It is for me.

Oh, and for those of you who have your own ideas of what's in your dream home, send them in!

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