December 11, 2012

The Best Plastic Surgeon No One Will Recommend

Dr. Brian Novack


We spend a lot of time recommending things to make your houses beautiful, but what is a beautiful Bungalux without a beautiful owner?

We think all our fans our beautiful, but if you look in the mirror and think a tiny nip/tuck is in order today we're gonna point you in the right (and only) direction: Dr. Brian Novack in Beverly Hills.

Never heard of him? That’s probably because Dr. Novack’s patients – who fly in on their PJ’s from places like Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Mexico – will never recommend him. Why? Because they’re the ones you’ll never know had plastic surgery to begin with, so you won’t think to ask. You see, Dr. Novack – who is rarely photographed, shuns press and refuses to have a website ... hence our choice of today's circle photo – believes in natural. He doesn’t think his patients should enter the Witness Relocation Program when they walk into his office, so you leave the same person you came in… just a slightly more beautified, rested, younger version. A total perfectionist, Dr. Novack schedules only three surgeries a week and takes up to twelve hours per surgery (no wonder his patients come out looking so well-rested).

Dr. Novack rarely does body work anymore – though many of Hollywood’s most natural-looking big breasts that you would swear are real are really his – instead focusing on faces. His noses and facelifts are the best in the world, and he was one of the first proponents of fat transfer to the face … that thing that makes A-list actresses look much younger than the rest of us (so unfair).

We need to warn you though: Dr. Novack – who looks a bit like a mad scientist-meets-John Lennon in a cute way – is not one to mince words. Those of you frightened by brutal honesty should perhaps look elsewhere or make sure you have an appointment with your shrink directly after. And as for the cost, we’re going to test your math skills for a moment. Take the price of the most expensive plastic surgeon other than Dr. Novack, and multiply that by two. Then add a few thousand dollars and you’re in the right range. However, we’ve seen our friends the day after surgery and they have no bruising and no pain, and are being pampered in a cushy little hotel-like facility in Santa Monica.

And, after all, if your face isn’t worth a splurge, what is?

Dr. Brian Novack 310-888-8818


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