January 8, 2013

Mirror, Mirror ... The Decorative Version

Decorative Mirrors


A few months ago we delved into the world of MIRRORED WALLS. While we loved the idea, some of our readers were a bit more gun-shy. And some, well, some just plain hated the thought of it. ("Looks like our grandma's house" was one comment.)

While we still stand by our opinion that mirrored walls are decidedly chic, today we're presenting a get-your-toes-wet alternative option: Decorative mirrors.

Decorative mirrors are some of our favorite art pieces around. Use them above your bed (sexy), in your bathroom (we have one!), in your foyer, or pretty much anywhere and we guarantee they'll be a conversation starter. We found the best selection from various designers on our go-to site Dering Hall. CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK and let us know your favorite.

The only thing prettier than decorative mirrors? Why, the person looking in them of course.

All photos courtesy of Dering Hall.


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