June 17, 2011

The Coolest Way to Disguise a Hangover

Selima Optique


Here's the Scenario: You favored yourself onto the invite list of Hamptons' hot spot SL East, had ten too many glasses of bottle service, and slept with some girl who spent the night bragging that she was one audition away from being cast on Jersey Shore.

Now you're trying to figure out how to nurse your hangover and get Snooki out of your bed ... when your iPhone rings.

The news: There's an emergency board meeting in the City. Google's thinking of acquiring one of those little companies you invested in, and they need a decision this AM.

You look around for your shades and realize they're gone. You need to cover up those bloodshot baby blues, so what do you do?

Don’t fret. Selima Optique to the rescue.

We happen to think Selima's one of the hottest sunglass joints around. With locations in New York and LA, Selima carries its own line, but it's the vintage ones everyone needs for their summer Bungalux. Imagine buying the original OP sunglasses Robert Downey J. wore in Less Than Zero or other gems from eras past. We promise if you do, you'll do better than you did last night, so before that board meeting and ahead of hitting the Hamptons beach, check out Selima Optique online to find locations.

Oh, and by the way, you'd better hope Snooki's gone by the time you get back to your beach pad. Or else it could be the start of a very long summer.




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