July 29, 2011

As Cool as Your iPad

Grove iPad and iPhone Cases


We're going to say it because no one else will. While rubber is suitable protection for some things; trust us, your Apple products do not fall into that category.

Jony Ives and his crack design team at Apple have spent a lot of time creating aesthetically-perfect devices ... and we're covering them with unsightly black rubber covers. We don't wear galoshes anymore, neither should your Apple products. And, let's be honest, how many times are we really using our iPad outside when it's pouring rain? If you fall into this category, email us and we'll send you some other recommendations. (Hint: They won't be related to your iPad.)

Our favorite alternative to black rubber iPhone/iPad covers are Grove cases, cover and skins. We love everything about the cool bamboo and leather Grove cases. First and foremost, they're hot. Our favorite designs just may be Two Birds and Tree, but Grove's adding designs all the time (and you can customize your own) so you can't go wrong. We like that the cases are made by a team of artists in Portland, Oregon ... no sweatshops here. (After all, Portland's cold and rainy, right?) Finally, bamboo is a rapidly renewable material – in fact, the fastest growing plant in the world – so the cases are good for our forests as well as your style quotient.

We're going to warn you. There is a negative. Though the covers, skins, and cases are reasonably priced (most under $100), you're going to wait some time for reasonably priced beauty. Order now and see your product in 6-8 weeks. Just in time for the launch of the iPhone 7.

We're kidding about the iPhone 7 part (it'll probably be iPhone 5). But trust us when we say we got ours and think it's worth every minute of the wait.


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