July 20, 2011

Too Cool for Pool

Richard Schultz 1966 Collection


The swimming pool is one of the coolest parts of any Bungalux - both figuratively and literally - so what, you’re wondering, could possibly be too cool for the pool?

Our fans, for one (we at Bungalux believe we have the coolest fans around). Answer #2: Richard Schultz 1966 Collection outdoor furniture.

Designed in 1966 (hence the name) at the request of Florence Knoll - if you’re new to design and don’t know who she is, Wiki her ASAP - the Richard Schultz 1966 collection was created for Ms. Knoll’s Florida home and manufactured to withstand corrosive salt air. We speak from personal experience here: Our chairs are seaside in Santa Monica and have held up majestically to salt air and those crazy winds we had last winter.

But do you think we’d recommend something that was functional, but not incredibly cool-looking? If so, you don’t know us very well yet. The best part of the 1966 Collection is that it’s the sleekest and sexiest outdoor furniture out there and goes with every bikini. We have the white with the white leather trim in one of our Bungaluxes; the gray with gray trim in another.

You can see the collection online but it can only be purchased directly from dealers in your ‘hood. We’re warning you, the price tag is a little - okay, a lot - steep but in this case the gorgeous design is worth every penny. And, besides, that’s where the durability thing comes in. Right?



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