March 7, 2013

Casa Encantada

A $225 Million Pocket Listing?

Real Estate

In the current hot Los Angeles and New York real estate markets (and others too), the prettiest word in the English language is "pocket listing." Walk into top real estate offices and you'll hear: "Have you got anything off-market?" "We've seen everything on the MLS." "We've been looking for six months and haven't seen anything." "It sold before it went on the market." You get the drift. And so, for those ... Read More

March 3, 2013

It's a Numbers Game

Alphabet & Numbers in the Home


Today's story all started with a photo. We were perusing through BACKEN GILLAM & KROEGER'S WEBSITE yet again - pretty much a daily occurrence for us until we get our own Backen Gillam house - and saw a gorgeous house with Robert Indiana's LOVE in its outdoor area. (See above photo.) Our minds started wandering. Was this, one of our favorite pieces of art anywhere, a gift from husband to wife? Was it just a ... Read More

February 24, 2013

Landmark Riviera Spanish

La Rivera

Real Estate

We’re watching the Oscars, and we have old Hollywood glamour on the brain. Which is why today’s listing is oh-so-perfect. Named La Rivera because it of its location in the famous Riviera Area of Pacific Palisades, today’s spotlight house was rumored to have been built by builder Alphonso Bell (also responsible for much of the development of Bel Air) for famous producer Hal Roach – a prolific producer who most known for his ... Read More

February 17, 2013

Tread Lightly

Aerin Launches Shoes


Guys, you’re excused from class today. We’re generally intentionally unisex but this is not an article for you. (And if it is, well, no comment.) A few months ago we wrote on the debut of perpetual-“it” girl Aerin Lauder’s HOME LINE. We had been anticipating Aerin Home forever, and it didn't disappoint. Of course we knew the accessory pieces would be ultra-chic, but we were surprised by their affordability. Now ... Read More

February 14, 2013

Hollywood Royalty

I've Already Had My Close-Up

Real Estate

We love sharing long lost secrets around these parts, so we'll let you in on one. There's a little pocket of Hollywood that we've long adored. (In fact, one or two of us used to live there.) For those of you out there who hike Runyon Canyon, you've probably seen the area we're talking about; That great pocket north of Hollywood Boulevard and east of Fairfax where old, glamorous mansions ... Read More

February 10, 2013

Falling in Love

Beverly Hills Trophy Estate

Real Estate

So there's this guy. You glance at him from across the room, you think he's kind of cute. And then you get to know him. Gradually. And "cute" turns into, "Oh my gosh, I think he's hot." You like his smile, his blue eyes, the way he seems to surreptitiously look at you too. He's funny, certainly, but his jokes are always funnier to you than they are to everyone else ... Read More

February 7, 2013

The Coolest VDay Event

Palm Springs Modernism Week


Multiple choice: Where are you going to spend Valentine's Day? A. At home, eating Pinkberry and Netflixing Downtown Abbey reruns. B. At Il Mulino in Aspen with that VC guy you met at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole a few weeks ago. C. At Palm Springs Modernism Week. After all, you just bought a Neutra that needs a facelift. If you answered "A" to this question, well, never mind. If you answered "B", just ... Read More


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