December 6, 2012

Glamorous Walls

Chinoiserie Wallpaper


We've spent the past few days drooling over our last featured Bungalux, so we've had glamour on the brain.

There are many ways to incorporate glamour into one's house, but one of the most over-the-top and extravagant ways, we believe, is Chinoiserie wallpaper. Often used in dining rooms, Chinoiserie paper has spread to other rooms of the house as well. In fact, if we had to pick one of our favorite photos of Chinoiserie it is our main photo above. There is something elegant, fun, playful, sexy and glamorous about taking a bath beneath an elephant.

We spent the past twenty-four hours perusing some of our favorite design sites plucking out examples of Chinoiserie. From dining rooms to baths to sitting rooms, check out our photos above to see how Chinoiserie walls can transform a room.

Incidentally, many of our picks are from de Gournay, our favorite wallpaper artists anywhere (see website link below). As we're sure you can imagine, their prices fall in that "if you have to ask ..." category.

So don't ask.



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