February 23, 2012

Great Kitchen Accessories

Ten Fantastic Tools for the Kitchen

Guest Editor

We already established a few months ago that the kitchen rivals the bedroom as one of the sexiest spots in your house. We buy lingerie for the bedroom, but what to buy for the kitchen? Since we know nothing about that sort of thing, frequent Bungalux Contributing Editor Andrea Rapke, Founder of the Organized Move, volunteered to help out. So, check out Andrea's Top Ten list to up the sexy quotient of your kitchen ... Read More

February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifting

Simone LeBlanc Chats Presents

Guest Editor

I am so obsessed with today’s article it’s inspiring me to run out and get a Valentine. Quickly. In time for Tuesday. I met Simone LeBlanc through a mutual friend and we’re both enamored with her. It could be her terrific energy, or her cool style, or the fact that she’s totally discreet but is the gift-giver studios, actors, directors, agents, and general non-industry laypeople (like me) go to when they ... Read More

January 24, 2012

Tommy Clements Talks Personal Style

You're Never Too Old to Be a "Bright Young Thing"

Guest Editor

I'm absolutely thrilled to have Tommy Clements writing for us this week. I'm a huge fan of Tommy's on many different levels. He's one of the most versatile and talented designers I know; he has a great style that makes every room seem fresh, alive, and personal. In addition, I absolutely adore Tommy's showroom The Melrose Project. For those of you who haven't been, make it a point. It ... Read More

January 16, 2012

Guest Editors: Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr

How to Make Your Home Fashionable

Guest Editor

Wow. Today I’m joined by two of the icons of fashion, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, who are going to chat with us about how to make our homes more fashionable. Katherine and Hillary are idols of mine not only for their fantastic fashion sense (they always look better than I do!), but as female entrepreneurs. Their brand, Who What Wear, is one of the driving forces in today’s fashion landscape. Who What ... Read More

January 8, 2012

Guest Editor: Brad Dunning

Ten Lust-Worthy Lamps

Guest Editor

Those of you who know me know I’m not celebrity-obsessed. Though from the moment I met today’s guest editor ten years ago at a party in the Hollywood Hills, I admit I’ve been totally star-struck. Brad Dunning is one of the most accomplished designers of recent years. His work has been featured in many important design magazines … from Demi Moore’s modern treehouse (cover of Architectural Digest) to Tom Ford’s sleek ... Read More

December 13, 2011

Guest Editors: Sami Hayek & Daniela Villegas

The Importance of Being Inspired

Guest Editor

Wow, we’ve been so spoiled by incredible guest editors. Today I’m welcoming one of the coolest couples I know: Sami Hayek and Daniela Villegas. I encourage guest editors to write about whatever they choose – home-related or not. Last week, Chad Eisner wrote about music as inspiration. This week, coincidentally (and perfectly), Sami and Daniela chose to write about Los Angeles experiences as inspiration. Here's a bit about the fabulous Daniela and Sami ... Read More

December 4, 2011

Guest Editor: Chad Eisner


Guest Editor

I’m thrilled on a million different levels to have Chad Eisner as today’s guest editor. Chad’s interiors have been published in pretty much every significant design magazine (see November’s Veranda for a gorgeous house he designed in Beverly Hills), and his breadth of talent is really incredible. While some designers and architects are adept with one style, Chad works his magic on contemporary to log cabin and everything in between (see ... Read More

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