August 29, 2013

Staged to Perfection

Alex Discusses Staging with Meridith Baer

Guest Editor

Although many people think the coolest part of my job is seeing fantastic houses, in reality, the best part of my job by far is coming in contact with amazingly talented people. And Meredith Baer is definitely one of those incredible talents. Imagine how hard it is to pick out a single sofa for a living room, and then imagine furnishing, top-to-bottom and head-to-toe, a 10,000 square foot house in a few days. I ... Read More

June 19, 2013

Studio Visit

Alex Visits Jamie Bush

Guest Editor

La Cienega Boulevard is the purest distillation of everything that is Los Angeles. Logistically, it is one of the main thoroughfares to take passengers from the airport to Hollywood and back again – a well-traveled literal and figurative journey. The street’s proprietors are an odd assortment – from strip clubs, laundromats and auto body repair shops to some of the world’s hottest design havens. Despite its humble beginnings, La Cienega Boulevard has become a design ... Read More

February 19, 2013

Alex Stops by Dragonette

The Collector's Collector: Patrick Dragonette

Guest Editor

PATRICK DRAGONETTE fell into the world of design through the world of collecting. And you can feel it. His store feels like a collection of what he would want in his own house if he owned a 10,000 square foot house and could stuff it with all things beautiful. Patrick caught the collecting bug at home in rural Ohio. Once he tells you his background you understand: There’s a lot of Midwestern in ... Read More

January 27, 2013

Alex Chats with Simone LeBlanc

Simone Talks Valentine's, Gifting & More

Guest Editor

We had the honor of welcoming Simone LeBlanc last year as she joined us on Bungalux to talk about Valentine's Day gifting. Her VALENTINE'S GIFT GIVING ARTICLE remains one of our most-read stories ever, and it's a must-read for all of you who have a Valentine this year and are in search of the perfect gift. For those of you who don't know her, Simone not only founded the world's ... Read More

October 28, 2012

Tobe Reed Talks "Awesome" Natural Materials

Materials for the Home

Guest Editor

I love today’s story on a number of different levels. As with every story, it all starts with the guest editor. And today we have one of my favorite bloggers, Tobe Reed, from the great site BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. Be it design, typography, fashion or interiors, Tobe has fancied the arts from a young age. This led to a career in the field of graphic arts, and a passion for all things design-related ... Read More

October 21, 2012

Alex Chats with Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier Talks Handbags, Home, and More

Guest Editor

For the longest time "chic handbag" meant ridiculously expensive. That is, until today's guest editor CLARE VIVIER came along and shook things up. As in the case of many successful products, Clare created her handbag line out of a need - in her case, she was looking for a chic way to carry her laptop. Soon after, she launched her eponymous line of handbags and, well, the rest is history. Clare's collaborations have included ... Read More

October 4, 2012

Alex Chats Design with Scott Mitchell

A Conversation with Scott Mitchell

Guest Editor

In an age of "celebrity" everything, I think it's pretty cool when you meet someone who tries to be under the radar. It may or not be working in the case of the fabulous designer, architect, and landscape designer extraordinare SCOTT MITCHELL. Despite his every effort to the contrary, Scott's prodigious talent is putting him on everyone's radar and design A-lists. Scott's clients range from ... well, people you've heard of ... Read More

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