August 22, 2011

You Don't Have to Fork Over to Have Great Dinnerware

Our Favorite Dinnerware

Food Drink

Somehow we’ve gotten the totally undeserved reputations as snobs. Don’t get us wrong, we kind of like being called snobs. After all, Nicole Richie, Martha Stewart, Rachel Zoe, and the cast of the Jersey Shore could be called snobs as well … and we’re obsessed with all of them. But if you take a close look at what we recommend not everything is expensive. Sure, there’s that occasional $14,000 ping pong ... Read More

July 22, 2011

Why Does the Tortoise Get a Bad Rap?

Tortoise Drinkware

Food Drink

Is it just us, or does everything in life seem to be moving so quickly all of a sudden? That girl on the treadmill next to you, that guy you just met in the bar, those emails coming in on your Blackberry… Blame it on the information age, but nowadays we've been moving at a hare-like pace. By the time we get home at night and curl up with that welcome Goose and soda ... Read More

June 1, 2011

No Sweat

Sweat-Free Beachside Drinkware

Food Drink

We at Bungalux tend to like glamour and bells and whistles, but once in a while even we have to look at the practical side of things. Although we promise to find you the most gorgeous glassware, sometimes summer drinking requires a little bit of functionality. About twenty-five years ago (yes, we’re that old), we stumbled upon the perfect poolside plastic drinkware quite by accident at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Sarasota, Florida ... Read More

May 16, 2011

Good with Your Hands? Try This at Home

Water Buffalo Horn Corkscrew

Food Drink

There are few things sexier than opening a bottle of wine. It always feels like a prelude to something better - a great dinner with friends, a quiet night of watching American Idol, or the better half of an evening with a date. So, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. You know those "easy" corkscrew contraptions? They’re mood-killers created for people who don’t open wine enough to know how ... Read More

May 6, 2011

Derby Cocktailing

The Ivy's Version of the Mint Julep

Food Drink

Whips, high heels and big hats, the saddle, stiff drinks: What do all these have in common? If you answered anything other than this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, we look forward to getting to know you better. The Derby’s one of our favorite weekends of the year. Great horse-watching and people-watching, a bit of friendly wagering, and an excuse to have friends over and sip mint juleps in the middle of a Saturday afternoon ... Read More

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