February 17, 2013

Tread Lightly

Aerin Launches Shoes


Guys, you’re excused from class today. We’re generally intentionally unisex but this is not an article for you. (And if it is, well, no comment.) A few months ago we wrote on the debut of perpetual-“it” girl Aerin Lauder’s HOME LINE. We had been anticipating Aerin Home forever, and it didn't disappoint. Of course we knew the accessory pieces would be ultra-chic, but we were surprised by their affordability. Now ... Read More

June 24, 2012

Alex’s Style Pick: Studs

No, Not That Kind of Stud


Studs: Leonardo DiCaprio. Josh Hamilton. Aaron Rodgers. Ryan Gosling. Johnny Depp. Whoa, wait. Was that the definition of “studs” our intern meant when she suggested I do “studs” as this week’s style pick? Maybe not. So let me start over. Studs are everywhere this year, and initially I thought it was too young a topic for our readership. (Unless you’re one of the Twilight kids you’re not perusing $10 million houses while ... Read More

June 19, 2012

Alex Chats Fashion with Contrarian Founder Alexis Laken

Ten Questions for Alexis


I’m so busy these days that I often need two different people to tell me about something before I take particular note of it. In the case of my new love affair with Contrarian clothing, it went down something like this: My best friend had sent me an invitation to Contrarian’s trunk show at the Chateau Marmont, raving about the line. And then that same evening I was procrastinating looking at celebrity sites ... Read More

May 15, 2012

Sand Chic

Beach Fashion


When I initially started Bungalux it was meant to be a site focused on real estate and the lifestyle items associated with owning or leasing a fantastic house. Now that Bungalux has grown-up a bit and many of our visitors come to us to see great real estate and homes I’ve been writing less and less about lifestyle items. But I still want that write that occasional lifestyle piece, because even if you have ... Read More


We were in Malibu last weekend and saw something so alarming we had to write about it. Hot Guy, Okay-Looking Girlfriend (we say this objectively, really), and Adorable Pup were walking toward the beach. We saw Hot Guy first. Our gaze went from his mop of blond hair down to his chiseled face down his six pack down even further to... the oversized floral beach bag he was carrying in his right hand? What? Just ... Read More

June 27, 2011

Tennis Anyone? No? That's Okay Too

Our Favorite Summer Tennis Clothes


Wimbledon's going on, which got us thinking. Sure, we'd love to have Roger Federer's forehand, Andy Roddick's serve, Maria Sharapova's legs, and Rafa Nadal. Whoops. Did we say Rafa Nadal? We meant his topspin. But if we can’t have any of the above, we’ll take the outfits ... many of which can be bought online. Maybe we're biased, but we think tennis has every other sports attire beat ... Read More

June 17, 2011

The Coolest Way to Disguise a Hangover

Selima Optique


Here's the Scenario: You favored yourself onto the invite list of Hamptons' hot spot SL East, had ten too many glasses of bottle service, and slept with some girl who spent the night bragging that she was one audition away from being cast on Jersey Shore. Now you're trying to figure out how to nurse your hangover and get Snooki out of your bed ... when your iPhone rings. The news: There's an ... Read More

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