December 16, 2012

The Coolest Floor Plan App



Point, click, shoot and ... floor plan? Yes, you heard us. Today's very cool Bungalust comes courtesy of one of our clients who was using this pretty incredible app on his iPad on Friday. Here's how it went down: It was a final walk-through at a gorgeous estate in Los Feliz and there was no legacy floor plan. While we were struggling with tape measures, notebooks, rough estimates, and plenty of guesstimating, our client ... Read More

November 16, 2011

Thermo ... Dynamic!

Dyson Hot


True Story: It was midnight, and we were playing around in the thermodynamics section of Quora when our best friend called. A midnight call from our best friend can only mean one of two things: Boyfriend problems or house issues. There’s no cheating or lying boyfriend at the moment, so it had to be a house problem. Sure enough, BFF’s heat had gone out and it had plummeted to 52 degrees in the ... Read More

November 7, 2011

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just You?

Nest Thermostats


If you’re anything like us, you hate waiting. And so you don’t. You’re whisked past velvet ropes at clubs. You fly out of Teterboro to avoid airport security lines. You wanted to be introduced to the newly-single Olivia Wilde … and it happened the next day through your mutual agent. We get it. But there are still some things in life worth waiting for. “Like what?” you ask. The answer: The Nest Thermostat ... Read More

October 7, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

Good-bye, Steve


My parents always wanted me to be one, but I am not a journalist. Therefore, I tend to avoid topics that reporters at The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other legitimate publications can cover more eloquently and journalistically than I can. So I had decided I wouldn’t cover the passing of Steve Jobs. Yet when I sat down to edit today’s article on bedding there was something that seemed so frivolous ... Read More

September 2, 2011

You'll Never Have to Pay for It Again

Panasonic Ultra Massage Chair


Don't get defensive. We're referring to the back massage. Ah yes. The back massage. If you're anything like us, we've gone into stores and sat in those massage chairs and they never seemed to get it quite right. Too much vibration (yes, that can be a bad thing) or the chair didn't seem to make its way to that exact kink that that masseuse at Burke Williams or Bliss always ... Read More

July 29, 2011

As Cool as Your iPad

Grove iPad and iPhone Cases


We're going to say it because no one else will. While rubber is suitable protection for some things; trust us, your Apple products do not fall into that category. Jony Ives and his crack design team at Apple have spent a lot of time creating aesthetically-perfect devices ... and we're covering them with unsightly black rubber covers. We don't wear galoshes anymore, neither should your Apple products. And, let's be honest, how ... Read More

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