November 28, 2011

Why You Should Always Use Protection

Book Cover Dust Jackets


Your buddy Jimmy came over yesterday to watch the Patriots game. All was going well until his eye caught your Helmut Newton book on the coffee table. You spotted him spotting it but couldn’t stop him fast enough.

Two seconds later your beloved book of female nudes (why don’t you ever meet girls like that in real life?) was full of margarita, chips, and whatever else those fingers had been in over the weekend.

Solve this problem before it happens. Cover your valuable books with mylar dust jacket covers. Not only are they functional, they make any library or coffee table book look Bungalux good. Imagine the uniformity and polish of a bookshelf where every book is covered in a dust jacket.

And, having the absolutely perfect library need not cost a fortune. If you have good motor skills and time on your hands, you can DIY. Brodart offers easy online ordering, a how-to guide, and an inexpensive package of clear plastic covers.

If you’re time-strapped, have never been good with scissors, or have a book collection that rivals that of the Library of Congress, please contact us and we will introduce you to a professional in your city who handles larger jobs.

So get mylar-ing before Jimmy gets his grimy hands all over your scrapbook of last year’s vacation to St. Tropez.



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