May 23, 2011

Bare Essentials

Lancer Exfoliants


Ah, it’s almost summer, our favorite time of the year. Time for guys to strip down to your trunks and girls to slither into your bikinis. We’ll cover the perfect summer swimwear in another Bungalust, but for now, what does it all mean?

Skin is your perfect accessory, and it better be in perfect order.

And, guys, this includes you. Girls like to wake up next to young, supple skin too.

You don’t know us very well yet, but every once in a while we’ll tell you that we have a "must have" pick. Today we have two of those: Dr. Lancer’s Sea Salt Polish and Warming Green Tea Exfoliation Scrub.

We’ll probably mention Beverly Hills dermatologist-to-every-celeb Dr. Lancer more than a few times, and here’s our first call out. Anyone who’s planning on taking off most of his or her clothes this summer - hopefully every one of our readers, because what’s a Bungalux without a great summer pool, garden or beach party? - shouldn’t think about doing so without exfoliating.

First, the Lancer Polish. This $50 daily use magnesium scrub for the face sluffs off all that dry winter skin, giving your face a uniform tone and stimulating collagen production, hence making you look years younger. We didn’t believe it until we tried it. Now, we’re hooked. In fact, this year we’re turning one year younger than we did last.

As for the $50 Warming Green Tea Exfoliation Scrub, it leaves your skin soft as butter so that that special someone won’t want to stop touching it. Really. It works.

Oh, and one last thing. As the name promises, the Warming Exfoliation Scrub does get warm when someone’s rubbing it on you - in fact, it gets hot - so have it in your shower just in case. We assure you it’s not only the perfect prelude to going out to the beach, but also to whatever happens when you get back inside.


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