July 11, 2011

Avoid Carmageddon

The Hatteras Hammock


The event of the century is happening this weekend in Los Angeles. It's the only shindig our members in LA – who are generally up for any sort of party, particularly when it involves a lot of people congregating in Bel Air – are hoping to miss.

It's Carmageddon.

For fifty-three miserable hours, the 405 freeway will be closed from pretty much anywhere-you'd-want-to-go to anywhere-you'd-want-to-go. So what's the alternative to car travel?

Stay home and nap.

Napping on a hammock has become a lost art. Why? The answer's simple: So many hammocks are ugly. Do you really want that unsightly piece of rope next to your Joel Shapiro sculpture and in your Deborah Nevins gardens?

The answer to that is a resounding no, but we believe hammocks are the perfect spot for a summer siesta, and they can go beautifully in your backyard ... if you choose the right hammock.

That's where the Hatteras Hammock comes in.

We love the Hatteras for its simplistic, sophisticated design. A few Hammock do's and don't's: Unless you're training for the Olympic octacathlon team and your body fat's 0% we don't like rope hammocks for obvious reasons. (Not obvious yet? Body fat through rope is not a good look.) Instead, we suggest the Hatteras pillowtop striped cloth for traditional Bungaluxes and the Soft Weave ones for modern. Our favorite stands for your hammock are the Roman Arc stands because they’re sculpturesque, simple, and nautical-looking. For those of you with super modern pads, we also like the Arc Tri-Beam in bronze.

So, this weekend escape the madness and hang (terrible pun, sorry) at home. Next weekend you can travel from your Malibu beach pad to Hollywood again.

And just think how well-rested you'll look.


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