October 18, 2012

You Too Can Live in the Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows (Kind of)

Asa Hudson Bungalow for Lease

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Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel Kate Moss at the Beverly Hills Hotel A Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalow For Lease An Asa Hudson House in Los Feliz Faye Dunaway at the Beverly Hills Hotel

The tip for today's article came from a reader who sent us this absolute jewel of a lease. Generally we don't devote whole pieces to a lease, but this one was so special we had to write about it.

Take a look at the photo in the circle. Are you thinking there's something a wee bit familiar about this structure? So were we. That's because this 1920s two bedroom bungalow located in the Franklin Canyon area of Los Angeles was designed by William Asa Hudson, who designed the bungalows at the Beverly HIlls Hotel. Hudson started his architecture career in Cleveland before moving to the greener pastures of Los Angeles, where he created beautiful Spanish style gems. The type of property featured here is exactly the reason we started Bungalux. A house doesn't have to be big to be great. Take a look at the oversized fireplace in the living room - yes, definitely try that at home - and that beauty of a dining room. And we love the fact that the name of the architect is signed on the house.

For those of you looking for a lease a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from the Beverly Hills Hotel, look no further. This one can be had for just under $6,000 per month. The only thing missing are room service McCarthy Salads from the Polo Lounge. But just think of all the money you'll save.

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