November 27, 2012

Chalet Cool

Antler Chic


Thanksgiving's history, so our attention has shifted from being grateful - kidding, we're always grateful! - to our winter ski holiday spot.

Sure, our boyfriends (imaginary at this point), may care about moguls, double diamonds, back bowls, and powder, but all we're thinking about when making our New Year's plans is finding the spot with the chicest decor. After all, ski chalets always prove such design inspiration - think Aman Jackson Hole and Four Seasons Vail, just to name a couple.

And so, while on the topic of ski chalets, we plucked out a few inspiration photos of antlers ... one of the most necessaire of ski decor accessories. While our more PC readers may choose faux, diamond, or brass, some may opt for the real thing. We're not here to judge around these snowy parts, but we are here to bring you some cool ways to incorporate antler chic into everyday chic.

Oh, and incidentally, one of our favorite inspiration photos is the antler chandelier in the modernist house, proving this trend can be used everywhere, with every style. Now, back to combing Conde Nast's top ski resort list. Oh, and finding that powder-loving boyfriend.


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