March 3, 2013

It's a Numbers Game

Alphabet & Numbers in the Home


Today's story all started with a photo.

We were perusing through BACKEN GILLAM & KROEGER'S WEBSITE yet again - pretty much a daily occurrence for us until we get our own Backen Gillam house - and saw a gorgeous house with Robert Indiana's LOVE in its outdoor area. (See above photo.) Our minds started wandering. Was this, one of our favorite pieces of art anywhere, a gift from husband to wife? Was it just a random purchase? How does it survive the elements?

Those wanderings led to other wanderings about phrases, numbers, and alphabet as art and home decor. Sure, our friends who have Jenny Holzer benches in their garden and Ed Ruscha pieces in their living rooms have reached the pinnacle of "letter art", but can we get it too?

Yes! The beautiful thing about this specific design trend is that unless you're going to Christie's to bid on it, it can be done quite inexpensively. Paint here, a chalkboard there, an A there, a Number 2 here ... and voila, you're numbering and lettering ... chicly.

Second image above: Jenny Holzer. Third image above: Ed Ruscha. Chalkboard art courtesy of LAUREN LEONARD INTERIORS.


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