October 16, 2012

Dream Real Estate

Alex Talks Dream Real Estate on Savvy Home

Real Estate

I was introduced to Gabrielle’s wonderful site SAVVY HOME months ago and asked her to do a GUEST EDITOR ARTICLE ON DREAM HOMES. Gabrielle’s piece was one of our most well read ever on Bungalux, and we kept in contact ever since.

I was thrilled when Gabrielle suggested I, in turn, write a guest post on Savvy Home about dream real estate. We’re quick to get home decorating advice from magazines, but let’s broaden our horizons: At any one time there are so many great houses on the market for sale. Even if we’ll never own them, it’s great to get design tips from homes styled by some of the most talented architects, designers, and tastemakers in the world.

Click over to SAVVY HOME TO SEE FIVE MOUTH-WATERING HOMES which have definitely made my inspiration board. Which is your favorite?


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