June 13, 2011

Aging Backward

Alyria SPF 30 Sunscreen for Your Bathroom


Our dermatologist and our plastic surgeon (who we have on call but haven’t had to visit ... yet) both tell us that we can no longer have the thing we most want for summer: A suntan.

Really? Is there a loophole? According to them, no. They're claiming there's plenty of proof that sun causes all those unsightly things called wrinkles. But what's summer without those rosy cheeks, that tan tummy, that Bridget Bardot frolicking around '50s St. Tropez in gingham look?

Well, we’re willing to try out the spray tan, but in the meantime, if we must have sunscreen in our Bungalux bathroom, which one should it be?

For the face, we like Alyria SPF 30. Canadian-based Alyria makes a sunscreen that has an anti-aging component, so not only does it help protect against those harmful rays, it also undoes the damage that accrued when you were a child. Aaah. Remember those days? When you spent spring vacations in Florida and the definition of sunscreen was that Bain de Soleil #4 red gel? (We asked Dr. Novack if that counted as sunscreen and he just laughed ... We guess that’s a no?)

We’re still looking for a really great sunscreen for the body and will tell you about it as soon as we do. In the meantime, use Alyria on your face and we promise you’ll look younger than you did yesterday, even without the suntan.


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