February 17, 2013

Tread Lightly

Aerin Launches Shoes


Guys, you’re excused from class today. We’re generally intentionally unisex but this is not an article for you. (And if it is, well, no comment.)

A few months ago we wrote on the debut of perpetual-“it” girl Aerin Lauder’s HOME LINE.

We had been anticipating Aerin Home forever, and it didn't disappoint. Of course we knew the accessory pieces would be ultra-chic, but we were surprised by their affordability.

Now the Estee Lauder-heiress has done the same for shoes. Like Aerin herself, the line of sandals and flats reads very Palm Beach-to-Hamptons ready. In other words, should that hedge fund boyfriend of yours surprise you with a trip to St. Barts to escape the New York cold, you'll have just the shoes. And the best part? At anywhere from $175-$300 per pair, the shoes lack the stratospheric price point of many other designer lines.

So POP OVER TO THE SITE AND TAKE A LOOK and start buying. And just maybe that trip to St. Barts will follow ... with our without the hedge fund guy.


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