January 24, 2013

And Speaking of 41 Ocean ...

4 Hot Santa Monica Properties New to the Market

Real Estate

We covered hot new members-only dining club 41 Ocean on Wednesday which begged the question: Is it frivolous to buy a gorgeous house in Santa Monica to go WITH your dining experience?

We around these parts think there's nothing frivolous about that, and if you're a Bungalux fan we're sure you agree with us.

There have been a ton of great listings in Santa Monica that have come on the market lately, and we've picked four new listings as Bungaluxes. Whether it be a $22 million dollar sprawling 1926 SPANISH MANSION overlooking Riviera Country Club (and its golfers, ladies!), or an adorable OCEAN PARK BUNGALOW (Who said you can't get into Santa Monica for under a million? Not us!), or a stunning URBAN ARCHITECTURAL steps from the beach, or a BELGIAN COUNTRY GEM perfect for nesting, Santa Monica has some of the most special properties on the market right now.

So, take a look and gawk. We sure did. And if we didn't find something for your taste chime in and send us an email with your favorites. We're always looking for new properties to feature ... and what is it they say? Oh, yeah: Readers know best.


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