March 7, 2013

Casa Encantada

A $225 Million Pocket Listing?

Real Estate

In the current hot Los Angeles and New York real estate markets (and others too), the prettiest word in the English language is "pocket listing."

Walk into top real estate offices and you'll hear: "Have you got anything off-market?" "We've seen everything on the MLS." "We've been looking for six months and haven't seen anything." "It sold before it went on the market."

You get the drift. And so, for those of you agents or principals looking for a house in the $200 - $300 million range and you're having the toughest time, well, we've come to your rescue. Here's your pocket.

It's rumored that Gary Winnick, of Global Crossing fame, is quietly marketing his Bel Air estate Casa Encantada for $225 million. Admittedly, we sometimes talk about real estate we haven't personally seen as being phenomenal based on photos and other people's firsthand accounts, but in this case we're speaking from personal experience, folks. This property is one of our favorites anywhere. It's a Top 5'er. We went to a party there not so long ago and dreamt Casa Encantada for weeks after.

The 30,000 square foot Casa Encantada was designed in 1939 by James Dolena with interiors by TH Robsjohn-Gibbins for Hilda Boldt Weber. (Who gambled all her money away and eventually committed suicide.) Though it's been thoroughly and beautifully renovated, Casa Encantada still seems very "old Hollywood" and features a pool, pool house, hidden tennis court, and phenomenal views from its 8.4 acre Bel Air perch.

Though there are very few photos of the property floating around, we found some glorious old ones at CALISPHERE. We've featured some above, but there are many more.

For those of you who looking for a pocket in the hundreds of millions, call us. We'll help. And we're so confident in this one you could probably wire that $225 million sight unseen. It's that good.


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